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R-Studio 5.4 Build 134130 今日更新

New R-Studio features in version 5.x:
    * NAT/firewall traversal. A connection can be established either from R-Studio to R-Studio Agent, or from R-Studio Agent to R-Studio. This allows R-Studio to traverse NAT/firewall when recovering data over the Internet. HTTP tunneling is used when necessary.
    * Scan algorithm improvement. Scanning was improved for FAT and NTFS partitions.
    * In-place saving of recovered files on a remote computer. When recovering data on a remote computer over network, R-Studio can now save recovered files to another disk of the same remote computer-to an external USB hard drive, for example. Moreover, the remote computer can be connected to the Internet rather than to a local network. This feature is especially useful for data recovery technicians and corporations, which can now serve their clients truly remotely over the Internet and do not need to transfer large volumes of data over network. In addition, files recovered from a remote computer can be saved to a local computer or on another remote computer with an Internet connection where R-Studio Agent is running.
    * Forensic mode (Technician version only). In this mode, R-Studio generates a forensic data collection audit log that can be presented at court hearings. This log includes information about a hardware configuration on which the forensic data collection takes place and MD5 checksum for recovered files.
    * RAID 6 support, including Reed-Solomon and Vertical XOR. Support for custom-specified RAID 6 layouts.
    * Support for exFAT and Ext4 FS file systems.
    * Advanced object copy. In addition to byte to byte copy of any object visible in the Drives panel, smart copy of partitions and hard drives with size and offset adjustment is available.
    * Support for 64- and 32-bit Windows versions. Under a 64-bit Windows, R-Studio overcomes the 3GB RAM limit for a 32-bit application and utilizes all physical RAM installed in the 64-bit Windows machine. This greatly enhances performance of the software, especially when scanning high-capacity disks.
    * Progress bar. It shows the progress for an individual file being recovered and overall recovery process, elapsed and remaining time, and recovery log.
    * Clickable links in the text/hexadecimal editor. Those links provide direct jumps to important parts of objects being analyzed and edited.


32 位版本 16.96 MBhttp://www.r-tt.com/downloads/rsd_en_5.exe

64 位版本 24.65 MBhttp://www.r-tt.com/downloads/rs64_en_5.exe

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R-Studio 下载后用7z.exe打开,再打开里面的,把需要的文件拖出来就是绿色的了

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7z 确实可以直接解压安装包,但是3楼提供的注册码无效
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