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Win8嵌入式系统Windows Embeded 8预览版发布

The CTP allows users to preview Windows Embedded Standard 8 - a componentized version of Windows 8 with additional technologies that extend the power of Windows to Intelligent devices. The CTP includes the Windows Embedded Standard 8 Toolkit, a toolset to be installed on a development computer plus the actual embedded operating system to be installed on devices.

All OS images created with this CTP will expire in January 2013. We recommend that you review any Release Notes or README files onyour CTP media prior to installation.


— 1GHz 32位或64位处理器;
— 1GB系统内存(32位)或2GB(64位);
— 7GB可用硬盘空间;
— USB 2.0端口;
— Windows 7 SP1系统;
— 网络连接。

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Standard_8_Toolkit_CTP.iso                                                3,903.67 MB                                                    DownloadStandard_8_32Bit_Bootable_IBW_CTP.iso                                                2,321.09 MB                                                    DownloadStandard_8_64Bit_Bootable_IBW_CTP.iso                                                3,208.27 MB                                                    Download

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我怎么在页面没有看到 下载地址啊!?

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回复 #3 zxk8 的帖子

需要注册并加入WES8 CTP项目才能下载。页面右边橘色的Download the CTP有下载流程:
Download the CTP
Download the CTP and get the product key.

    Login to the Connection Directory.
    You will need a Windows Live ID.

    Click on "Directory" in the top right corner
    Search for "Windows Embedded Standard"
    Click "join" on the Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP Program row
    The Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP program page will automatically open in your browser
    Accept the Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP EULA
    Click on "Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview" and complete the brief survey
    Choose "downloads" in the left navigation on the Windows Embedded Standard 8 program page and view all pre-release builds, content and the product key.

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现在Key 30天,比WES7限制严格多了

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