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EWF 覆盖层限制

On Windows Embedded Standard 2009 with 2GB of RAM, system PTEs can only describe
up to 1007484 KB (~ 984MB). The EWF overlay limit will be lesser than this owing to system PTE usage by other drivers and the
operating system. In my experiments, I observed this usage to be around 300MB, thus limiting the EWF overlay to about 684 MB. The
improvement in Windows Embedded Standard 2011 is impressive and hard to miss. On Windows Embedded Standard 2011 with the
same configuration, system PTEs can describe up to 1709952 KB (1670 MB). Assuming similar system PTE usage by other
components, EWF overlay can be as large as 1370 MB. The overlay limit has roughly doubled from Windows Embedded Standard
2009 to Windows Embedded Standard 2011.

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不知道WES7 的EWF文件用在XP/2003上会怎么样呢?

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