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MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 10.2 PE

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MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional is a complete & advanced Windows Partition Management tool that helps you perform a number of Drive management function on Windows partitions such as copy, merge, extend, wipe, delete, format or slit. The ultimate software gives you full control and lots of flexibility over your HDD, organize & manage Drives as your like.
Windows OS never gives users so much flexibility in petitioning of HDD, although, few latest versions have some exceptions but not so much that a Linux user can perform on HDD by using command-line terminal. Its not possible to resize, change serial number & partition ID, etc. just by using Windows Disk Management tool, once partition is created, so for better control and flexibility we need a 3rd party software with facilities that allow us to safely perform a number of partition management activities.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional must be considered as the best HDD Manager Software for everyone using Windows operating system, no matter Its Windows XP or Windows 8. Softwares professional disk management utilities are capable of performing the advance task like Resize/Move Partition, Merge partitions, split single partition into multiple partitions, as well as Create, Copy, Format, Delete Partition etc with couple of mouse clicks !
Software helps you convert partition format like FAT MBR Disk, GPT Disk, copy & convert Dynamic Disk, change cluster size, change label, partition id, serial number, set partition as logical or primary, copy entire partition to un-allocated space with high performance file-by-file moving technology & Copy an entire disk to a different disk quickly and easily with data clone technology.
Software supports Linux Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 file system, 32bit/64bit Windows OS, up to 32 HDDs in one system, even HDD with up to 2TB max of volume-size. MiniTool offers greater flexibility. It make changes on partition without rebooting system, no option for data loss thanks to recovery mode.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Key feature:
Create, Copy, Extend, Resize, Merge, Split partitions
Format, Wipe & delete Partitions
Copy HDD, Dynamic Disk, UEFI boot Disk
Move Boot/System volume for Dynamic Disk
Convert NTFS, GPT Disk, MBR Disk, Dynamic Disk, Basic Disk
Easily set partitions as logical, primary or active partition
Hide and Unhide Drive, set label or drive letter
Change Cluster size, partition serial number & ID
Rebuilt MBR, support RAID
Test Disk Surface & partition surface
Support 4096-byte-sector-based hard drive
Hot Extend Partition without reboot

Difference between Free and Pro

Basic Disk Management (Free)
Disk CopyDelete All PartitionsAlign All PartitionsRecover All PartitionsRebuild MBRWipe DiskConvert MBR Disk to GPTConvert GPT Disk to MBR

Additional Functions (Pro)
Merge PartitionChange Cluster SizeResize/Move Dynamic VolumeDelete Dynamic VolumeFormat Dynamic VolumeChange Dynamic Volume LetterChange Dynamic Volume labelWipe VolumeChange Dynamic Volume Cluster SizeConvert Dynamic Disk to BasicCopy Volume

- For Windows version: Please read Readme.txt

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又出了个分区魔术师替代品: Macrorit Disk Partition Expert 磁盘分区专家

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Its free edition

Any medicine for Pro version?

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Its free edition

Any medicine for Pro version?

It's pro version!!!

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在os 7,8,10 free version      在pe pro version 查一下

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在os 7,8,10 free version      在pe pro version 查一下

Yes, it's a pro in PE

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44 MB, large

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44 MB, large

压缩包内有x64和x86 两个版本的

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